Moving to a foreign country to live and work is a very big move, with many important factors to be considered along the way. Our mission is to offer you professional, experienced, personal and affordable service to help you relocate yourself smooth and fast in Kaohsiung Taiwan.


What differs us from any other Housing Agents?
Most Housing agents in Taiwan works FOR THE LANDLORDS, they will only introduce and show you the apartment/rooms in which they have contract with the landlords, meaning, these landlords will offer these agents a one month rent as their commission fee for renting out their houses.

Relocation Service Taiwan works 100% individually FOR OUR CLIENTS. We do not have any contract with any landlords, and we are not under any pressure to try sell you the apartments that no one wants. We search directly for our clients according to your requirements, and we receive ZERO commission from the landlord side. This way, we work fully on satisfying our clients, which is YOU, your needs. We search for the right home 100% according to what you require.


Why should you hire us, while everyone can find an apartment?
The fact that you are a foreigner, with foreign looking face might scare the landlords from the first place. Why? Because they can't communicate with you!! "LANGUAGE" is the No.1 faced problems for almost every expacts moving to Taiwan. Compare to Taipei, there aint so much foreigners in Kaohsiung. Most local landlords do not speak any English, while some might only speaks Taiwanese! Many do not have experience renting to a foreigner, and all these factors concerns them from renting their house to you. With our experience, having a local coming along as a friend immediately calms down the strain index of the landlords.

Do you like simple solutions?
If you like to approach hard problems with simple solutions, you'll love working with us. We are here to make your whole relocation experience nice, smooth and fast! So relax, and leave your relocation to R.S.T.




Hi, my name is Lin Yu Ju, after many years of experience living abroad in Sweden and around the world, i fully understand how it's like, to relocate yourself to another country with completely different culture and language, and it isn't easy! It can be a very frustrating process! That's why I am here to help! We offer relocation service in Kaohsiung, and we are grateful to be able to help people finding the exact right "home" to live in Kaohsiung.
Communication in English and Chinese language, as well as Taiwanese, Hakka, Japanese and Spanish are available. As a local Kaohsiung citizen, I can provide you suggestions in different living areas, apartment types and rental rules in Taiwan.
I offer professional and honestly service, with low and comfortable price that will match your budget. Service fee is charged by case, a standard apartment searching/ apartment rental assistance, service fee is charged is 50% of the rent. According to your needs, I can also arrange all your needs into a customized service package, all service fee will only be charged once, without extra adding costs.

So, how can i help you? Contact us and let's find out!