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Finding a suitable property to rent, not only to find the right flat, but also the right location, neighborhood area, cost, and the added issues with language communications barriers with landlords etc. We help you throughout the whole apartment searching rental from the start till the end.

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Additional Services


Scooter Rental/ Purchase
Same as many other Asian countries, Taiwan is a land packed with millions of scooter, and is an indispensable transportation among peoples daily life. Living in Taiwan with 2 wheels is pure heaven. R.S.T. provide scooter for rent at a competitive price. Furthermore, we search for the ideal scooter for our clients, and help register the scooter under your name legally, as well as providing information about getting a legal drivers license in Taiwan.

Hostel Stay
We offer you our corporate hostel, Cozy Planet Hostel to host you for your stay upon your arrival to Kaohsiung at a discounted price. Cozy Planet Hostel is the best hostel in kaohsiung and in the heart of Kaohsiung city, Modern, clean and helpful staff, including free breakfast and laundry service. Make you feel like home before we find you the right apartment to move into.


Day tours around

Want to get a clear look of the different areas of the city? We offer one to one day tours around Kaohsiung city. Through our scooter day trip,  you will get to know the different living areas of Kaohsiung, show you what are the pros and cons, and what major public facilities are nearby. So you can quickly get an insight view of where you'd probably like to stay and find your home.

Free Kaohsiung living tips
We give you full information about where to go, where to buy, where to eat, and all the insight details about living in Kaohsiung. We help you live like a local and get into the Taiwanese Culture, in the beautiful city and lovely people.


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