Jess & Bob (Australia & United Kingdom )

[ Case start: Jan 18, Case closed: Jan 19, 2016 ]

We would like to recommend Yu Ju & Taiwan Relocation Services to anyone relocating to Kaohsiung.
Yu Ju offered professional and skilled advice and guidance throughout the entire process. She went beyond the call of duty e.g. negotiating with the landlord an amazing deal for us. She found us a superb and modern apartment in a ridiculously short time frame - suiting everything on our wishlist. We love our new apartment and know we would of never of had it without Yu Ju's help.
She assisted us every step explaining in clear English every detail in the contract & ensuring the apartment is up to code.
We cannot recommend her services enough.
We wish her and Taiwan Relocation Services all the best for future.
-Jess & Bob


Alex Huller (Germany)

[ Case start: Oct 12, Case closed:Oct 17, 2015 ]

Relocation Service Taiwan helped me to find a really nice apartment in a very short time!
After our first meeting and discussing some details, Lulu managed to show two great places within three days! During the whole process until signing the contract I felt very comfortable and had no concerns regarding the service.
Highly recommend Relocation Service to anyone who would like to settle down in Kaohsiung!


Offeri Sade (Solomon Island)

[ Case start: Case closed: 2015 ]


Hein Klopper (South Africa)

[ Case start: Sep 1, Case closed:Sep 1, 2015 ]

Lulu helped me find an amazing little place for the amount I wanted. She was swiftly and didn't waste my time. Exactly what I want from a house agent. I would recommend her to anyone who wants effective service.
Hein Klopper.


Gwenlin Ho (Singapore Exchange students to NSYSU )

[ Case start: July 28, Case closed: August 10, 2015 ]

We were facing rejections from landlords who preferred longterm rental and running out of time to find an apartment for our 4 months exchange stay. Thankfully, we got into contact with lulu who has been a great help to us. Within a short time frame, she provided us with options of apartments that fitted our criteria perfectly. Our queries were too, answered responsively and throughly.
Her service continued the moment we reached kaohsiung, and ensured that all administrative matters of accommodation were settled. Lulu has also given us helpful tips on settling in kaohsiung. We are very pleased with our apartment and we couldn't be happier with her service!


Annabel Lim/ Tavin Tan/Kok Chin Boon/Nga Wan Yi (Singapore Nanyang Technological University exchange students to NSYSU)

[ Case start: July 11, Case closed:July 20, 2015 ]

We are extremely glad to have Yu Ju's help. Settling our accommodation was made easy and smooth since all the essential arrangements were performed by Yu Ju; from liaising with the landlord, down-payments, to having transport from the airport to apartment. Also, knowing that we are unfamiliar with Mandarin rental contracts and Kaoshiung area, Yu Ju meticulously explained to us the contract details before signing and provided us valuable advice on living in Kaoshiung such as transport, setting up bank accounts, and places of interest to have fun.
Above all, we are impressed with Yu Ju's excellent communication skills in English and Mandarin. We are fortunate to have met Yu Ju who had made living in Kaoshiung easy, smoothly and without worry.


Gladys Toh (Singapore Exchange students to NSYSU )

[ Case start: July 28, Case closed: August 10, 2015 ]

Very pleased with our entire experience with Lulu! We chanced upon her services online and reached out to her for help with regards to finding an apartment near the University we will be attending. Lulu was very helpful and enthusiastic with her replies and found us an apartment to our liking almost immediately! While meeting the landlord, she was very meticulous as well and ensured that we fully understood the details of the contract before signing.
Knowing that we are students unfamiliar with the area, she also ensured that we gave us tips on how to travel around Kaohsiung, open bank accounts, obtain phone SIM cards, etc….
Lulu really impressed us with her high level of professionalism and helpfulness. We were really lucky to meet her and we will definitely recommend her to all of our friends and juniors back in Singapore!


Edwin Tan (Singapore exchange students to NSYSU)

[ Case start: July 11, Case closed:July 20, 2015 ]

Yu Ju from Relocation Service Taiwan has managed to source for us an apartment with a great location which also meets our requirements in terms of number of rooms and facilities. She responds quickly to our queries and is able to converse in english pretty fluently, which is good for people who are not able to speak chinese that well. Thank you Lulu.


Thomas Legiędź & Blanka Brzozowska (University of Lodz, Poland scholar to NSYSU )

[ Case start: July 23, Case closed: August 12, 2015 ]

We highly recommend the services of RST! Lulu was very helpful and involved. Our situation was not easy, because we were looking for an apartment for 5 months, and the owners are reluctant to agree to such conditions. In this situation, Lulu quickly and efficiently helped us to find a suitable apartment tailored to our needs and capabilities. We were able to move in immediately after we arrived. She very specifically asked the landlord about all the comforts in the apartment and checked the details of the deal, and translating everything to us. We can't imagine how we could do it without her! In addition, Lulu gave us all the necessary information about Kaohsiung and helped us get a pre-paid phone cards. After completion of the transaction, Lulu is ready for any assistance, for example in communication with the landlord, which is very useful.

Mike Ennamorati (U.S.A.)

[ Case start: July 3, Case closed: July 3, 2015 ]

Lin is very professional and worked hard to help me find a great place to live! I would recommend her services to all of my friends and any other foreigners. She is good at finding exactly what you need and will help you to communicate with your landlord if you ever need anything! Excellent service and very professional. She helped me find the apartment I wanted in less than an hour! Very efficient and quick!


Donny & Severin (Scotland & Namibia)

[ Case start: June 9, Case closed: June 13, 2015 ]

I couldn't be happier with the service provided by Relocation Service Taiwan. I visited the office with pretty low expectations of what could be found in Kaohsiung in my price range, but I was pleasantly surprised when within a week I had viewed an apartment that not only fit my specifications but surpassed them. The agent had got her feet on the street and started investigating my prefered area, knocking on doors and making inquiries through neighbours about available spaces, spaces that would otherwise have been impossible to find conventionally. After finding the perfect spot, the agent kept close contact for the following month, negotiated the contract with the landlord and was present for the contract signing, helping to overcome the inevitable linguistic and cultural obstacles. She even arranged temporary accommodation for me while I waited for my apartment to become available!
Many thanks to the team at RST for making this as smooth as possible!

IMG_0514 3拷貝

Chris Ternosky (U.S.A.)

[ Case start: June 9, Case closed: June 13, 2015 ]

Yuju and Relocation Service Taiwan were a great help with finding a new apartment. There are a lot of agents out there who don't have your best interests in mind. They only care about money. Yuju cares about your happiness. She wants to you be happy wherever you choose to live. I met her through Facebook, and then went to her place. In about 30 minutes we talked about what I wanted in an apartment. Everything from location, size, and of course cost. She took note of everything I wanted. Within a few days she already had a few places lined up. After seeing the 2nd apartment I found the one I wanted. She speaks English and Chinese really well so it was easy to communicate with the landlord and help answer all of my questions. It was really an easy process. I would definitely recommend her services to anybody who is looking for a place to live in Kaohsiung.

IMG_0548 3

Andrew Poole (Australia)

[ Case start: June 2, Case closed: June 9, 2015 ]

I can’t recommend Relocation Service Taiwan enough. Whether you are new to Kaohsiung city or have been living here for years, Lin Yu Ju and her company have access to amazing apartments that I simply could never find myself. All of the requirements I was looking for in an apartment were met in a timely and professional manner. Thanks again!


Stephanie & Warren (South Africa)

[ Case start: May 20, Case closed: May 31, 2015 ]

We are a South African couple who moved to Kaohsiung in May 2015, in order to experience a different culture and travel. We were lucky enough to have met Lulu through friends and she definitely made the transition a lot easier for us. We had no idea where to start with looking for an apartment and that is where Lulu was a life saver. She showed us some beautiful apartments and ultimately helped us choose our lovely flat we are staying in now. She helped us negotiate the best possible price for our rent and as our landlord only speaks Chinese, she was the translator for us and asked him the long list of questions we had as well as translating the entire lease for us. She has gone out of her way to help us with every aspect of moving to a new country and is always available when we have questions or need help with anything.
Lulu, we can’t thank you enough for all your help and for making the process so easy and stress free. We would definitely recommend her to all foreigners who are planning on moving to Kaohsiung. Lulu will help you with all aspects in your move to Taiwan and will help you find your perfect home away from home.

Steph & Warren, South Africa



Daniel John (Canada) [ Case start: May 18, Case closed: May 29, 2015 ] 

Lin Yu Ju was very helpful and always quick to respond to any questions I had. She was very proactive and always informing me on new suitable apartments that she had found for me. I had a new apartment lined up within a very short time of contacting her.


Dominic & Kathryn (UK & South Africa) [ Dec 3, 2014 ] 

We cannot recommend Lulu enough! When we first moved to Kaohsiung we struggled to find an apartment, scooter etc but as soon as we met Lulu barriers collapsed. We suddenly were shown a range of good quality apartments (with no upselling being shown unsuitable places), were helped in finding and registering a good second hand scooter and even given valuable advice about water supplies and other day to day stuff. She was professional, friendly and should be any expats first point to contact when moving to Taiwan.